Super Elastic Nitanium Tooth Tone Archwires


Φόρμες & Διατομές

Super Elastic Nitanium Tooth Tone Plastic Coated Archwires have a plastic, friction-reducing, tooth-colored coating which blends with natural dentition as well as ceramic, plastic, and composite brackets. Stain and crack resistant, the arch maintains it original color over time, and will not crack when deflected or bent.

This archwire displays the same features as non-aesthetic Super Elastic Archwires:

  • Moderate, consistent force for efficient tooth movement
  • Greater patient comfort during treatment than found with stainless steel archwires
  • Excellent resiliency with high flexibility
  • Responsive to chilling, 45-60° F (7 .2-15 .6°C)
  • Near consistent force between archwire changes
  • Rectangular archwire offers ability to simultaneously level and add torque and rotation earlier in treatment
  • Available with a dimple center-mark

Available in Pro Form Arch Shape


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