Tooth-Colored Pre-stopped G4 NiTi

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Φόρμες & Διατομές

Eliminates the need to apply stops to archwires. Pre-loaded stops allow positioning as desired, then stay put until crimped. Properly tempered stops crimp easily and securely.



The possibility of nickel titanium archwires slipping through brackets and migrating around the arch has long been recognized. Cinch back bends are difficult to apply and retain in NiTi. Dimple offsets at the midline have been the conventional solution to the problem.

G&H® now offers another alternative. Our new “Pre-Stopped NiTi Archwires” come pre-loaded with crimpable stops. The stops are friction fit on the wire so they slide to position and stay there. A final crimp is then applied to permanently set the stops in place. The stops are soft and crimp easily using a plier or cutter. The stops can be positioned anywhere but are generally crimped mesial to anterior crowding. Pre-Stopped wires are effective with any bracket system and are especially popular for use with self-ligating brackets.


Διαθέσιμες φόρμες:

  • Europa II (Damon Compatible)

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