Fusion™ Ortho 3.0 Led Curing Light


Fusion Ortho 3.0 LED Curing Light is a high power, lower dispersion curing light that enables rapid bracket cures in only 3-5 seconds. This modular light is conveniently sized to fit in the palm of your hand and features a rechargeable smart lithium-ion battery for cordless use. This 2700-mW/cm2 laser-sharp focused beam is activated through a sleek metal keypad that includes raised buttons and seven digital presets that facilitate rapid cure of any procedures.

  • Pen style design is slim and ergonomic, weighing only 110 grams and measuring just under 20cm long
  • Two power settings available: A default high power mode for fast bonding and the standard LED power mode for low heat bonding
  • Features a 45 minute run time and a direct power plug* that eliminates any downtime associated with strictly cordless models
  • 360 ̊ swivel head is a low-profile light probe that ensures easy maneuvering and access


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* Features a universal adapter for international use

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Fusion™ Ortho 3.0 Led Curing Light

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